on nights and horses

I got this white embroidered cotton sheet with a postcard of castle “hof ter saxen” on my table. The sender, Geert Saman, whom I hadn’t met before, asked me kindly by email if i were interested in receiving an invitation to an exhibit. Well i do love surpises, so there we go. I could comment […]

Wouter’s treats

The oneness project stands for everything being influenced by each other other, yet constantly changing. To make this change extra tangible I made an edible flower path and field. These are still very small, yet in september i’ll cook with them as the field will have converted in a flower paradise with a view on […]

vernissage wijheizijweihij

Yesterday we celebrated the grand opening of wijheizijweihij. More particularly “oneness” the collaboration project between Koen & Stefaan Busschots and me. The whole Busschots team, family, Edith and I setting everything up under a sky turning slightly more gloomy every hour. We kept on smiling, decorating the tables with flowers, putting all the glasses on […]


Wijheizijweihij – Oneness Koen & Stefaan Busschots en Nathalie Hunter Nathalie Hunter over Oneness: Na gesprekken met de broers Koen en Stefan Busschots begreep ik wat voor hen belangrijk is. Biologische teelt wordt door de familie Busschots voornamelijk omschreven als een samenwerking met de natuur. Koen Busschots zegt hierover: “’t Is één geheel, en elk […]


nederlandse versie onderaan Nathalie Hunter   A project by Youkali for Vredeseilanden on change, community and culture http://www.vredeseilanden.be Opening on Sunday 6 June 2010 at 12am of the first part in a collaboration between Nathalie Hunter and bio farmers Koen and Stefaan Busschots. Wouter Keersmaekers , master chef of restaurant Schone van Boskoop gives demonstrations with forgotten and […]