strange fruit and a chinese golden hen.

Yesterday was the opening of second part of weihijzijweihij, in Koningsmolen with artsits Johan Creten ans Koen Vanmechelen and farmer Dirk Draelants. Johan expained us vividly how he stayed for seven month in Mexico (1999) making sculptures. At the end of his stay he felt quite exhausted, and focused on dates that were falling of […]

sunday 4th of july, come and taste the summer

On sunday 4th of July Katrien Maes will delight our tastebuds with an ayurvedic curry. She has an amazing way of talking about food and spices and what they can do to rebalance our body. This according to our constitution, our nature. This wil be from noon till 3 PM, and only after appointment on […]

oneness in puur magazine

yesterday I cooked a pink rice with edible flowers salad and fresh peas, hmmmm it was delicious. Interview by Carla Rosseels. Full article about “oneness” project in Juli in Puur Magazine. Recipe included. about “oneness” :

cornejo architectes

Miguel Cornejo, from cornejo architectes just integrated one of my drawings in his creation. It’s a contest for social houses in Paris and with the collaboration of several artists he wants to show possibilities of integrating art into flats. Picture will be available in august. Other participating artists: Chechu Alava and Rita Fisher

storm op komst

English version below Storm op komst krijgt een staartje. Eigenlijk 2. Volgende editie zal grotendeels plaatsvinden buiten de muren van de Warande. Wij krijgen een toonmoment op 20 maart 2011, om te tonen waar we staan voor ons stuk van 2012. Wij zijn Nathalie Roymans, Champ d’Action (Stefaan Prins, Toon Callier, Kris Delacourt en Marcel […]