on nights and horses

I got this white embroidered cotton sheet with a postcard of castle “hof ter saxen” on my table.

The sender, Geert Saman, whom I hadn’t met before, asked me kindly by email if i were interested in receiving an invitation to an exhibit. Well i do love surpises, so there we go.

I could comment that the package he sent me is an art piece an sich.

But that wouldn’t be fair to his proposal.

It sound like get inspired by this casltle, nicely renovated on the outside, but in outside only the necessary works have been done so that the buiding actually doesn’t collapse from within.

Does it say something about the lords, or about the actual owners.

Anyway, Geert Saman will be our Lord the 12th of September, and for the duration of the show.

Meanwhile  i’ll have to fill the gap between nights and horses, between sleep and lords, between dreams and power, between appearance and essence.

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