Behind the walldrawing

Sometimes, a few lines can make a huge difference.

I’m not talking about lines shed on a paper, or read in book, but drawn on a wall.

Yes on a wall.

I get this remark quite often, when people see me drawing on walls:

Ooo you’re allowed to draw on walls.. I was always told i couldn’t…

Well you see, sometimes, when you liberate yourself from the rules that were wrapped around you as a child, you grow as a person.

You remove the chains.

You unravel the knots.

You dilute the predjudices.

And little by little you come closer to your true self. To your core.

You trust and start discovering your true mission.

Connect and remove the crap.

So i make these walldrawings after conversations with the inhabitant of the space in which the wall is located. From this talk i extract what is truely important for that being, for that company.

What is their mission?

What change do they want to bring?

So this information gets distilled and drawings emerge from that process.

Contact me if you would like to find out more about this process or if you would like to live with one of these beauties.

And follow your path.


One step at the time.

The walldrawings for this post were drawn for drilling company boringen Verheyden.

The leading company in geothermal and water drillings in Flanders.

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