vernissage wijheizijweihij

Yesterday we celebrated the grand opening of wijheizijweihij.

More particularly “oneness” the collaboration project between Koen & Stefaan Busschots and me.

The whole Busschots team, family, Edith and I setting everything up under a sky turning slightly more gloomy every hour.

We kept on smiling, decorating the tables with flowers, putting all the glasses on the bar, making a huge tower to announce the event, planting signs, collecting chairs, making benches and a rhubarb brew according to Wouter’s receipe.

foto frederieke duchateauWhen he arrived it started pouring cat’s and dogs, so we moved the whole setting on the other side , under a roof.

The Busschot’s family prooved to be amazingly efficient at moving tables, the bar and building walls with paloxes every time the weather changed, and this was quite often. In accordance to the theme of the exhibition. Change, dialogue, agriculture.

We enjoyed the full spectrum of Belgian weather in one afternoon, had over 700 people visiting the shop, the show and the fields, the oneness path, the soooo interesting explanations of organic farmer Koen, Luc and Edith’s introductions about the project and tasting Wouter’s delicious treats.

More about this in another post.

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