hof ter saxen

Show “On nights and horses” fri (16-20h), sat (14-18h), sun (14-18h) until the 26th of sept. Kasteel hof ter saxen, haasdonkbaan 101, beveren

opening “on nights and horses” an exhibit by geert saman

For the exhibit “On nights and horses” by Geert Saman I made a painting titled “The universal law of nature” Opening next friday, the 10th of september, every body welcome in the castle. Here follows why I chose to not paint the castle and let it be overwhelmed by nature. I’ll publish a picture of […]

The universal law of nature.

These days I’m faced with 3 quite defined works to be made. Some parameters are clearly determined, yet the result will be mine. And i must admit i can appreciate to work within some boundaries, as this makes you think, find solution you wouldn’t otherwise. The first to be delivered, is a work for Geert […]

on nights and horses

I got this white embroidered cotton sheet with a postcard of castle “hof ter saxen” on my table. The sender, Geert Saman, whom I hadn’t met before, asked me kindly by email if i were interested in receiving an invitation to an exhibit. Well i do love surpises, so there we go. I could comment […]