Motherhood left me exhausted and scattered minded.
As I crawled through the mud I also came to realise the amazing gift that comes as a side effect of giving life: I became an infinite fountain of unconditional love.

This force should be used in the world!

But my energy levels were so low as i struggled through sickness and uncountable food allergies that made me feel stressed out, itchy, depressed, belly aching, broken back or just bad tempered according to the days or the foods I had ingested.

I started to study herbs, plants, nature and how they could be used. on the body, in the body, or to make dyes and colours with them. I won the first prize as i graduated as a master herbalist.

For years i gave monthly edible landscape walkshops where participants were taught ancient uses and contemporary knowledge about the plant’s active ingredients.

With some neighbours we started a transition group to help people develop resilience and sustainability in a changing world.

Through these walks, talks and energy shifting I upgraded my strength and softened my heart. Strong back, wild heart.

I now combine these experiences to create drawings and paintings.

To help you zoom in.
Into your own nature, rediscovering your uniqueness.
Be strong, rooted in your own heart, and dance through the wilderness of our challenging and wonderful now.


161115, 50 * 60 cm, acryl on linen

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