The universal law of nature.

These days I’m faced with 3 quite defined works to be made. Some parameters are clearly determined, yet the result will be mine. And i must admit i can appreciate to work within some boundaries, as this makes you think, find solution you wouldn’t otherwise. The first to be delivered, is a work for Geert […]

jewel edition

As part of the oneness project I also created a series of jewels. The three jewels stand for values according to organic farming. biodiversity, pollination, controlling plagues naturally by keeping an equilibium. By wearing them you are helping the farmers in the south as a part of the benefit will go to de vredeseilanden. The […]

Katrien Cocquyt’s wild herbs

Yesterday Katrien Cocquyt took us for a walk in the farm of Bioboer Busschots. Finding wild herbs, picking them and explaining their uses and benefits on our bodies according to the seasons. Now summer, help your heart by eating lots of bitter herbs, they will benefit you now. We cooked a summer minestrone, a delicious […]