sewing sea

These days i’ve been sewing, embroidering the sea. On a triangular flag of 1 by 4 meters long. The sea, and a man walking on it. Walking on water appears in different cultures as an image for overcoming one’s fears, going ahead. Not talking about the change that should happen, but make it happen. Now. […]

hof ter saxen

Show “On nights and horses” fri (16-20h), sat (14-18h), sun (14-18h) until the 26th of sept. Kasteel hof ter saxen, haasdonkbaan 101, beveren

giving change a little help

Yesterday was the last day of the oneness project, a part of the wijheizijweihij project from the vredeseilanden, curated by Edith Doove. We ended the collaboration in beauty with a nice ‘opendeurdag’ at the farm bioboer Busschots. All elements of change were there, we started the day with pouring rain, and it seemed it wouldn’t […]

opening “on nights and horses” an exhibit by geert saman

For the exhibit “On nights and horses” by Geert Saman I made a painting titled “The universal law of nature” Opening next friday, the 10th of september, every body welcome in the castle. Here follows why I chose to not paint the castle and let it be overwhelmed by nature. I’ll publish a picture of […]

finissage oneness

We finish the oneness exhibit in beauty with a bio bal populaire, something like an organic popular party. I’ll be cooking with flowers and colors, you can taste that from 1 pm onwards, Koen will give some tours in the farm. There will also be an oldtimer tractor show, lots of things to taste and […]