The universal law of nature.

These days I’m faced with 3 quite defined works to be made.
Some parameters are clearly determined, yet the result will be mine.
And i must admit i can appreciate to work within some boundaries, as this makes you think, find solution you wouldn’t otherwise.
The first to be delivered, is a work for Geert Saman’s exhibit “On nights and horses.” He sent us an old-fashioned embroidered cotton sheet, relating it to the noble families living in castles. What stroke me most when entering the castle was that on the outside it was fully renovated, yet the inside was a complete ruin.
A financial problem, or a mentality of keeping up appearances?
When i went down to the cellar the humidity was so overwhelming that different kind of plants were starting to grow on the rotting floors and walls.
Nature taking over.
Here’s the drawing.
Right now i’m working on the painting that will be shown in the Castle hof van Saxen in Haasdonk.

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