Katrien Cocquyt’s wild herbs

Yesterday Katrien Cocquyt took us for a walk in the farm of Bioboer Busschots. Finding wild herbs, picking them and explaining their uses and benefits on our bodies according to the seasons. Now summer, help your heart by eating lots of bitter herbs, they will benefit you now. We cooked a summer minestrone, a delicious […]

the 8th of august, Katrien Cocquyt will inspire you

On sunday 8th of August, Katrien Cocquyt will take us for a walk to pick some wild herbs she’ll cook with. Please note you should phone the farm if you want to participate. 03 464 26 47

Katrien’s ayurvedic dish

Yesterday Katrien Maes made our tastebuds tingle with happiness. We had a great time together, over 100 people nodding that everything was there, nice food, delicious organic cider, the sun was not too hot, and the edible flower path guided them to the biobroers’ favorite place, the lake, now with a patch of edible flowers […]

sunday 4th of july, come and taste the summer

On sunday 4th of July Katrien Maes will delight our tastebuds with an ayurvedic curry. She has an amazing way of talking about food and spices and what they can do to rebalance our body. This according to our constitution, our nature. This wil be from noon till 3 PM, and only after appointment on […]

vernissage wijheizijweihij

Yesterday we celebrated the grand opening of wijheizijweihij. More particularly “oneness” the collaboration project between Koen & Stefaan Busschots and me. The whole Busschots team, family, Edith and I setting everything up under a sky turning slightly more gloomy every hour. We kept on smiling, decorating the tables with flowers, putting all the glasses on […]