Mapping the garden

Mymy, i’t been a hell of a time, And what have i been doing? Guess… A lot’s of thinking, On what last years process of thinking about transition with 40 persons from very different backgrounds thought me. On how to connect as different worlds as nature and culture. It is a contradictio in terminis, but […]

Platform P at the Duke of Cornwall, Plymouth, Devon, UK

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I posted some news. The summer went by bringing it’s usual flowering energy, and though it rained more than anything else, I celebrated it with delight. Then, on mother’s day, i broke my big toe, and had to cancel a trip to Plymouth to prepare the Platform P […]

seizoensfilmpje de warande

Drawing : Nathalie Hunter Music: Jo Hermans Video: Nathalie Hunter & Bart Cabanier Postproduction: Bart Cabanier To announce De Warande’s new season. On air in cinema’s till may 2012.