Mapping the garden


i’t been a hell of a time,

And what have i been doing? Guess… A lot’s of thinking,

On what last years process of thinking about transition with 40 persons from very different backgrounds thought me.

On how to connect as different worlds as nature and culture.

It is a contradictio in terminis, but stubborn as i am, i dived.

i started last september to study for herbalist.

Next goal, making art projects that integrate bodies and nature.

First steps are a series of herbal walks, first one will be this saturday.

For info on this zee

It will be a herbal walk through the garden, where i will give some explanation about medicinal herbs, their uses, traditions etc.

Afterwards we will make a map of the garden. No drawing experience needed.

adress hoogstraat 64

2861 olv waver


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