Platform P at the Duke of Cornwall, Plymouth, Devon, UK

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I posted some news.

The summer went by bringing it’s usual flowering energy, and though it rained more than anything else, I celebrated it with delight.

Then, on mother’s day, i broke my big toe, and had to cancel a trip to Plymouth to prepare the Platform P exhibition. And a trip to Venice.

Head up, i decided to take advantage of this, and deepen my research on perspective. About ten years ago i developed a way of drawing that would connect people with their surroundings. With their environment. I wanted to make clear clear through my images that i distanced myself from western perspective. Western point of view. Where the viewer is in the center. Of his universe. Of his truth.

I prefered to generate a continuous line that would connect the object (be it a person or not) with its environment. By observing something we change it. By mere observation! This duality is what interests me. This interrelatedness is absolutely amazing. Quantum physics go far in their research on this theme.

Well for years I was trying to take these drawings further. To find what could be the relation between drawing and painting, and with time. Convinced i shooted hours of footage from advancing trains, cars, walking. I would made images based on this perpetual movement our lives are filled with.

On the other hand i have this all life fascination for oriental philosophy, ottoman miniatures, persian drawings, prerafaelite paintings, egyptian perspective and ortodox iconography. And though i know they are very different, i can’t help to store them all in the same drawer.

With all this information, a sea of time and a broken toe that withdrew me magically from all household tasks, i started to make a drawing of a city i’d never visited. I went through blogs, stories, youtube and touristic movies to end up looking at all these places in google maps. Slowly i started to build up the drawing.

I’ve just shown it in Platform P. Plymouth, you were great! Thanks for your enthousiasm and love. See you soon.

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