giving change a little help

Yesterday was the last day of the oneness project, a part of the wijheizijweihij project from the vredeseilanden, curated by Edith Doove.

We ended the collaboration in beauty with a nice ‘opendeurdag’ at the farm bioboer Busschots.

All elements of change were there, we started the day with pouring rain, and it seemed it wouldn’t stop.

Ooh my, our beautiful dance floor under the nut trees. But yes the weather changed, nice people came, and we danced our hearts out under the trees.

And here another little story to end and the recepies of what we cooked yesterday with flowers and colors. klik hier voor recepten nathalie hunter, hier voor uitleg bloemen lutje van boxelaer.

as part of the onesness project the farmers showed me their favorite place: the lake. It’s a quiet place. This summer you could find that lake by following a path  I surrounded by a thousand calendula plants. Here you can see some pictures of how it changed over the seasons. Last week though, father Busschots wanted to give nature a little help. Up on the tractor he weeded all the paths between the apple and pear trees. But his sight is a bit weak so he didn’t realize he went straight over the  edible flowers, leaving the flower path to a sweet summer memory.

A big thank you to everybody from the Vredeseilanden, Edith, Youkali, Carla Rosseels for her nice article, Lutje Van Boxelaer for her flower knowledge, Jean Luc Niesz for his great music and of course everybody at the farm and the nice friendships that will keep growing. May we all grow with this nice energy and keep our paths crossing. ❤


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! Such a good idea, and such a vibrant red!

    • yes they are very nice and healthy to spread over your meals, and give your meal an instant party effect. a pity the description of their characteristics are in dutch, but you can google them. they are all easy to grow too, we had a very dry july and i hardly watered them! with bergamot you can also make teas.

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