the long wait

biophilia cracks


underneeth biophilia cracks there’s an urge

this overpraising urge to do things in collaboration.

and this time the collaborator is nature.

nature as it is,

big, strong, mighty,

filled with secrets,

ready to be unveiled

layer by layer, like an onion.

giving back its voice

i will let nature do the paintings

so far i realised

my biggest effort in this, is to wait

wait till the right energy arises

wait till i know i now have to pick this plant

place it this and thus on the canvas, silk, wool.

roll and secure it


wet it

or not

throw it in the pond

or wet it with well water

and wait

wait for the sign to unravel it

so it can reveal its trace

and then again,


caus’ the expectations also need to be dissolved,

so there is place for the unknown

the process

life nature

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