new wallpainting @ de Pelgrim

A month ago i was asked whether i wanted to make a wallpainting for the 9 by 5 meters wall @ de Pelgrim.

De Pelgrim is kind of an institution of Antwerp, as thought it had always been there.

But recently it was closed for five years, and is now getting a revival, and a revamp.

It is a big, open, light space, and there is also the typical dark “bruine kroeg”.

Through the glass door you see the amazing bike store “Velodome”.

Their logo is bikes and food. And yes, the combination works perfectly.

As the wall includes stairs the decision was quite simple and fast:

I’ll make something with mountains.

And during the process i was accompanied by the taurus mountains photographed by Hakan Oge, an intense cyclist too.

My cousin also popped in with a helping hand and asked what i was thinking when staring at the work in progress. Nothing i said. I wait. I wait till i know if the colour i have just mixed is the one.

Waiting with the right type of concentration, also called sati samadhi.

With your mind as empty as possible.

Or is it waiting to get connected to something intangible?

Who knows, anyway, here’s the result.

Chalk paint, casein paint and tempera on wall, 9 * 5 m. nov. 2014

IMG_9037IMG_9048 IMG_9025 IMG_9030 IMG_9027 IMG_9026

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