asia calling

as a young girl i got in contact with asia through my parents.

they quite often went for very long trips, and after weeks of living at different friends places they always came home with a whole lot of surprises.
special beads to learn counting, carved wooded objects, the first walkman ever, video games, but most of all, lots of stories, pictures and books.
the promised land.
also the admiration my father had for asia was very strong.
quite often Japanese business partners of my father stayed for some days home.
we loved it.
for a europalia show about japan, my father invited a japanese artist to stay at our place while she was preparing her exhibition.
i will never forget.
she carefully started to arrange a big piece of paper on the floor, or was it a very low table,
organised the ink and pencils, kneeled on a small cushion in front of the paper.
she sat there, on the floor of our living room,
for ages,
observing the white paper,
and preparing her BIG long haired brush,
moving it over and over on the big solid ink block.
then all of a sudden she leaned forward, and in a few very strong and decided strokes she made this beautiful drawing.
and i was caught forever.

later life became difficult and i moved to spain to study painting.
i read a lot about Lao Tsé, started to practise yoga
and got so excited when i heard that a delegation from chinese fine art students were coming over to our university to study in our class.
in our class!
soon i had to admit my deception as none of those to whom i spoke were interested in ancient chinese knowledge, practices and religion.
they were focussed on the west.

so i introverted my asian love.
in 2002 it even grew stronger when i started vipassana, which was a life changing experience to me. i keep on practising it to understand better the interrelation of body and mind,
the constant change
and interconnectedness of all, human and non human, far and near.

i feel grateful that through my first show in Asia, i can materialise this connection.

So join me in sending our energy to Taipei,

it will be a great show!

invitation-show1-final-OL-02Nathalie Hunter

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