the willow connection act 2

Dear living baskets,

Yesterday was a big day for you.

Since we wove you through a couple of workshops you have been floating around our sweetwater pond, catching some algae on your way.

While i was driving you to Nieuwenhoven I was constantly inhaling this soft sea breeze. So i realised this smell, which we often call “zilt” is not the smell of the saltiness but of the algae!

“The willow connection” now reaches its destination for the exhibition NIEUWENHOVEN 2014 BIODIVERSITEIT “ .

IMG_8131“ Previously we had decided to put the work in the small pond next to the visitor’s center. I had a bit of an awkward feeling about it, but it would be an eye-catcher, a lot of walkers pass there, it’s the start of the walking tour etc.

Is it my dark side that prefers shadowy, cosy backgrounds? I’d rather be somewhat hidden. I don’t like the spotlights, the big sun, lots of visitors nor catchy easiness. It doesn’t make me feel me.

And there were are, assembling the piece to put it in the pond when a man arrives. He presents himself as working for the provincial domain and kindly asks what my intentions are. During the conversation I realise this pond will be taken away, closed, shut up after the exhibition!

This means the whole purpose of my piece will be missed.

“the willow connection” is a living piece that will purify the water it lives in. By purifying the water it will enhance the ponds’ life and more species, flora and fauna, will decide to live there.

it is a long term piece.

a connection to nature.

a song for the planet

a piece of hope

a piece of evidence

So this fact becomes my argument to not place the piece in this pond, but in the more natural one, behind the castle.

Jos Herck, our nice curator luckily understands my point of view, and after a short hesitation about leaving one basket here, we agree upon the fact that the 5 elements belong together, 5 continents, one planet.

We put the piece back into the trunk, drive to the other pond, and immediately this heaviness leaves my shoulders, my heart  my center.

This is the right place, i feel it.


I will come and visit you often, so i can draw, photograph, feel your evolution.

you will be able to settle here,

welcome in your new home

see you next week!





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