“TOGETHERNESS” stands for connectedness.

Food is about sharing.
To feel connected with all the people involved in having your plate filled with gorgeous food.
The person who harvested the seeds, the farmer who sow it, the one theta kept the land clean and took care of the plants, harvested them. Someone drove the tractor to the auction, the local market or the cooperative. How did it travel to this place, who packed it, washed it? Was it produced locally, did it travel by plane, by train? And who wrote down the delicious recipes? Who prepared, served this great dish and who will clean my plate?

In short, whom are you thinking of, who do you associate with this?
It can be the local chickenfarmer, the captain of the cargo, the cashier of your favorite shop, The “mamma” who shares her best pasta recipe with the world, your very own mother, the assistant of the farmer in africa who weeded the land by hand every day. And whose name you don’t know.

Remember this name, or invent on if you don’t know it.

On monday the 6th of June people wrote their chosen name on the window.
Then I made a window painting with it.
And on thursday 8th of July we send sunflower seeds through the air.

TOGETHERNESS is a project for vredeseilanden, about sustainability.

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