making of “onderweg”

Sok Today was our third meeting to prepare the SOK (Storm Op Komst) festival.You can find info on our first piece at
We work with the same people as last year, except that Kobe, our video magician joined us.

2011’s theme is “onderweg”, which i can’t properly translate. It’s about being ‘en route’. It suits 2011 quite well as de Warande (Turnhout), where the piece will be shown is in full revamp, so a lot things are happening outside.As a starting point we chose Stefan Prinse’s “infiltrationen”. A button can be pushed by the musicians, this generates instructions for the musicians.Now we want to translate this to theater.We will work with 3 kids from last year. They are now 5. And someone who’s 11 and a 16 year old.And maybe someone really old.And we’ll be on the scene again, like last year.
I  was thinking about what 5 year old’s can do alone:



build towers


decide where they want to go




run away


give orders

put the world upside down

see everything as if it were the first time
“onderweg” is a desire, a letting go, a discovery, a way of life.

Repeat the same walk.Describe it.
you leave and can take one thing with you.What?
‘onderweg’ we can be described as our relation to the surrounding architecture. We can measure the distance between our hand and the wall, cut a thread, and use this thread as a mark.
A big rope can be unwounded to mark our trace, find our way back.
We can place ourselves in thought in elements from the landscape. How is their point of view, can we experience this?
Scratches on the sidewalk can be interpreted.Lines of the hand can tell a story.
A thing is the sign for something else. A footmark and it’s rhythm gives information on the person preceding us.
About the signs we could use for the instructions generated by Stefan’s partiture:The eyes sees thing that refer to something else.It is important that the public cannot make the same lecture as us. (we + the actors)
To be ‘onderweg’ also implies you are faced with incomprehension, meaning is different, language is different, patterns of behavior are different. You have lost your landmarks, cannot use words, have to use sign language and express yourself with cries of wonder and horror.
The signs have to be decyfered but the connections to the meanings remain uncertain.

So my task for these days, make icons/drawings/objects that will represent the intructions generated by “infiltrationen”

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