STORMOPKOMST, a note for politicians

Thanks everybody to make such an unforgettable weekend, such an amazing festival. Brilliant organizers, a happy team, curious children, amazing parents, great artists, a great location and nice spring sun is all it takes to make an unforgettable weekend. Subsidies should support such initiatives a bit better! it is about generating a more human society! […]

a drop instead of a seed

So in this school there  is a healthy mix of children from different backgrounds. We worked with 2 classes, first and second year. 50 children of 6 and 7 year old. See previous post about microkosmos. And they fully enjoyed Béla Bartók. Although they all wanted to come to the concert only 3 will come. […]

microkosmos, 19th of march, 19 hrs

We’re nearly there. Levente Kende plays Béla Bartók. A selection from microkosmos. And i made some video’s that will be shown so that image and music will enhance each other. And be prepared, Levente is amazing! To start I digged into Bartók’s life and found a great love for Hungary. It’s habits, landscapes, luxurious nature […]

onderweg, 20th of march, 10 AM, in de Warande, Turnhout

last straight line for our theatre show next sunday! The actors get computer generated commands and have to play accordingly on the spot. Will we be able to follow the game? To bring it to a higher level? Bets are open! Artistic coordination: Veerle Keupens, director: Nathalie Roymans, Scenography: Nathalie Hunter, music: Champ d’Action (Marcel […]