I was thrilled when the owner of my favourite yoga studio in Antwerp asked me to make a huge painting for the entrance hall.

Patanjali is a painting made for the outdoor entrance hall of iyoga, iyengar yoga school, Antwerp.
It was painted in situ which allowed me to take an abundance of classes while the layers were drying.
It represents patanjali who is the author of ancient texts about yoga.
Mountains, mud from which the lotus flower emerges, and light.
250 cm * 180 cm, acryl and oil paint on linen on frame.



  1. pranayogastudioolvwaver says:

    Wauw, proficiat Nathalie, wat een prachtige stukken maak jij!!! xxx

  2. Bernadette says:

    Heel mooi schilderij met prachtige kleuren. Knap gedaan.

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