‘Biophilia cracks’ is a project in the context of the exhibition URBANisM, which temporarily redefines the parking lot, unraveling throughout the inner city of Mechelen during the summer of 2015.

Next to each installation of the project I look for plants that grow between the cracks.

QR-codes inform you about the interaction of the plants with your body (herbalism) and the soil (phytoremediation).

Then, plants will be used to make paintings.

The results of this very experimental journey will be shown during the finissage on August 30!


Ancient dye techniques will meet encaustic paint to reveal a whole new, completely ecological way of painting.

qrcodeUrban space is today highly defined by stone, metal, concrete, bricks and glass.

Nature gets eradicated as much as possible.

Even where nature is admitted at the curbs, it has to be according to some rules based on aesthetic and practical criteria.

In the summer flowers are delighting our eyes, and in the botanical gardens and parks nature is offered as a scenery.

Nature has become culture, and our bond has been lost.

In this project i want to determine herbs that grow through the cracks. Cause’ there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. (thanks to L. Cohen)

Reinforce your bond with nature and go from aesthetics to ethics, to a better, more nourishing relation with our planet.
Discover your true connection with nature.
You are nature.

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