The Markt1 Ceramic art Center was created out of a willingness to bring people together. The founders had raised a crazy amount of money in Dec 2018 to help people with ALS disease. #dewarmstekom

This brought such a such strong sense of belonging and of gathering in the ceramic community that they came up with the idea to start a ceramic center.

Courses and masterclasses are being held, lectures and teambuildings can be organised. Any idea can become reality.

So I felt honoured when they asked me to make different wall drawings in the whole building, as to bring the different spaces together.

The root of my work always lies in interaction.

Hereby I mean that whatever I make, builds upon a conversation, or sets of ideas and desires that come from the client.

In this drawing I wanted to bring together clay, building, togetherness and growth.

In my career as a contemporary artist I have worked with computer programs, set up drawing machines to name a few things as to bring in the viewer into the work. So that the viewer is the co-creator of the work.

Here, for Markt1 we sat around a table with masks, and the owners told me about the place they have created, about their vision for it, and how they want it to evolve.

The main ideas i started to work on were:


Bring people together,

Work around one theme and unite,

Never not learning

Weekly classes but also masterclasses with the rock and roll stars from the ceramic world.

Hanging plants that suddenly became so happy when they were given a support to grow on.

Peacock feathers and forget me nots.

Ginkgo, to help us not to forget (medicinal tree very good for the brain)

To climb.

To share.

To create

To laugh and have a drink together

To be alive, happy and kicking.

And though these are very hard times in this industry (courses are still forbidden), they want to keep expanding their vibe and take the risk to keep growing. To make this place an even happier place than it already was. To keep shining, because this, this is what the world needs right now!

So, dear friends, raise your vibe, feel your heart, feel the gratefulness with all your senses, one by one, and SHINE

Love, Always, Nathalie

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