After working with different media to address mostly the same question: we are so related, interrelated, yet, often disconnected and in denial. After having studied herbalism and permaculture I started a local transition project. When embedded I looked back at the most urgent: the creation. Art pieces that talk about, question and offer solutions to urges. Yet what permaculture and transition taught me mostly was the importance of acting out of positiveness. Uniting, bringing back, dissolving barriers and fears and learning to trust right in the face of brutal reality. So quite quickly I came to touch the most ubiquitous matter on earth: earth itself. 

Bringing back ancient vessels for carrying and storing water, life, I started to obsessively train myself on the wheel. 

As a painter I also had the urge to create my own palette of foodsafe glazes. Because yes, to practise your daily rituals in hand made vessels brings you closer to earth, to nature, to your own nature. 

More of my ceramics on

The idea is to make more sculptural or conceptual work in the future but this is germinating right now.

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